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How therapy can help us

We all can face challenges or go through tough times, and we do not have to deal with these on our own. Therapy provides a regular supportive space to bring the things that might otherwise feel overwhelming. It can help us to:

  • Learn about ourselves, what we want to do and how we want to feel.
  • Understand what we are going through and what can help us feel better.
  • Process difficult experiences in a way that feels safe.
  • Find out what we need to feel more calm and confident.
  • Become more present in our body and with our feelings.
  • Learn tools and techniques to deal with anxiety or triggers.
  • Get support with making the changes in our life and relationships that bring us closer to where we want to be.

My approach is based in psychology as well as drama and movement therapy. Talking about things can be very helpful for understanding our thoughts and feelings, but a lot of our potential for healing is based in our bodies and imagination. Using drama and movement alongside talking and reflection helps us to access this embodied and creative knowledge. I offer a range of methods depending on what you feel most comfortable with. That means our sessions can include talking, activities that help with connecting to the body, movement, improvisation & role play, as well as working with objects or art materials.
Some examples of how this can look like:

  • Learning exercises that help you calm down when things feel overwhelming - these can include breathing exercises, movement, and guided imagination.
  • Role playing a situation that you have coming up to try out and practise some ways in which you can set your boundaries.
  • Using small objects to create a landscape of your life right now and to represent the changes you’d like to make.
  • Finding physical gestures to show the different roles you have in your life and how you feel in each of them.

All my work is trauma-informed and based on a model of liberation psychology. Trauma-informed means that I am trained and experienced in safely working with clients’ traumatic experiences and their responses to these. Liberation psychology means that, while I offer individual therapy and aim to help clients better navigate the challenges they are facing in their lives, I always take into account social factors and structures of oppression and don’t treat these (or their consequences) as individual or personal problems.

To start therapy, we will first have a 15 min introductory video call. This is an opportunity to discuss what you are looking for and what kind of therapy I offer, so we can see if this would be a good fit for you. If you decide to start therapy, I will book you in for a first session in the weekly slot you chose.

You can book an introductory call here. Just choose a time that suits you from the available slots. Appointments always open for the next 2 weeks, do check back later if you can’t find an upcoming free slot for you.

If you already have a specific problem in mind that you are struggling with, we will look at this together and talk about what you would like to change. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, or find it difficult to talk: Don’t worry, this is absolutely normal. I will help you get started and we can figure this out together.

The aim of our first session is to create an overview. That means, you don’t have to talk about difficult experiences or tell your life story. It is totally fine to hint at or just briefly mention things you feel are important for me to know – we can always come back to these in future sessions once you feel more settled in.

I offer both short and long-term therapy and we can discuss the planned duration of our work together during our initial sessions.

The minimum initial length of therapy is a period of 12 sessions. This is to give us enough time for you to settle in, address an issue that you want to work on, and have a closing session. The first three sessions are an assessment period where we explore the issues that are bringing you to therapy and create a treatment plan.

There is no maximum length of time we can work together, but we will have regular reviews together to make sure that the therapy is still benefiting you.

About me

I have trained in Psychology (Bielefeld University, Germany) and Drama and Movement Therapy (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK).

In the last 10 years I have worked as a psychologist and dramatherapist in education, activist and community settings, specialising on working with survivors of sexual violence & trauma and with people who are exploring their gender and sexuality.

I’m a member of the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth) and am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).


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